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In the previous post, we reviewed how to install Unreal Engine 5, I hope you did it successfully and it works well for you. If not, please join our Discord and ask questions you have.

But today we are going to check how we could install Rider.

A little bit of information about this IDE and why we are using it.

Rider – brand new IDE for game developers. In industry, it is a popular Visual Studio instead of other. But we are trying to be on top of updates and that’s why we are going to use Rider. Additionally, in some manuals, we are going to use Java for servers and examples, for java Idea is the best IDE for now. To switch between Rider and Idea will be not so complicated and you could do it pretty fast.

So, let’s go. 

  • If you go JetBrains site and choose Rider – it is not going to help, because it does not support UE. What you should do, open this link
  • After that click “Try early preview” button
  • On a page “Rider Early Access Program” choose correct version of your OS. (For me it is MacOs Intel)
  • After download it – just run it, and move to your application folder (It is for Mac OS, for Windows – click next by default)
  • The next step will be select you theme, I recommend a Dracula one
  • Now the most important think, you will see 3 the shortcuts scheme:
    • Visual Studio keymap — a Visual Studio alike scheme
    • ReSharper keymap — similar to the “IntelliJ IDEA” scheme in ReSharper
    • Rider keymap — an IntelliJ IDEA alike scheme
  • I recommend you to use “Rider keymap”, to be consistent with Idea IDE.
  • And when you finished it, you will see this:
  • In general that’s it, just relax and move to the next lesson. We will dive dipper with that in the further posts.

Any questions – Discord


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