How to work with Unreal Engine

Welcome back!

At this moment you installed Unreal Engine 5 and created project, and it works for you. If you still have questions, join our Discord and we will answer on it.

  • Ok, let’s open our UE5 and looks on whole screen
  • the main think what you are going to use will be “Content Drawer”, you could find it left-bottom side. Click on it.
  • I recommend you to click “Dock in Layout”, it helps to manipulate with content.
  • And let’s click on “WallRun” folder, it could have different name, depends on your project name.
  • As you can see, this folder consist of Blueprints, Views, Animations etc. We are not going to check each of them right now, but we are going to change it during next lessons. You could click on each of them to better understand what and where you could find in a future.
  • One more thing, you cold change a view of this part using Settings gear on right-top corner
  • It will help you to make it more comfortable.

Let’s look on top menu and “Quick add to the project” button

  • We are going to use it as well, you could check what we have there.
  • And one of the most important “Outliner”
  • It contains all elements which we have on map and you could change size, texture etc. for each element.

Let’s stop on it, we will come back to each element during the next lessons.

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