How to work with Rider

This is going to be pretty small part our course, because most of the things we are going to cover in the next lessons. But just to have understanding about Rider user interface, let’s check it. Please, make sure that your Rider has been installed.

  • When you open your Rider without any project, it should looks like that one:
  • As you can see, nothing to show. But let’s open our project. Click on button “Open”
  • in my case I created project WallRun and I want to open it. Just choose folder of the project.
  • loading has time, as usual.
  • After that you will see that one more thing is doing configuration
  • Again, let’s wait for finish. This task will take time as well:
  • But we could see the screen, which we are going to use as a main one
  • I have a couple of files opened already, but you could have the empty redactor, like that:
  • that’s fine, let’s find files which we need, find the file Explorer tab in this window, it should be on left side
  • Here you could see a structure of our product:
    • Folder with name “Engine” which contains source code for game engine
    • Folder with name “{YOUR_PROJECT_NAME}” – this one contains source code of our game. Lets go deeper there.
  • The main folder where we are going to work – “Source”
  • Each file we will check latter.
  • But what is going to be if we click on “Run” button
  • If you click it, you will se how our code start to build, and after that UE5 Editor will be run
  • You could use Editor to make some changes, but if you click on “Stop” button in Rider, this editor will be closed
  • So, remember to save your changes before you stop it.

At this moment, that’s it. We will explain more deeply during the implementation of our features, so be sure that you well be a professional soon 🙂

Any questions – our Discord is opened for you.