First project with Unreal Engine 5

Ok, we set up all our environment and it works fine. If not, please check how to install Unreal Engine and Rider. If you still have questions join our our Discord server to ask question.

  • First of all we have to launch our Epic Game Launcher
  • In right top corner “Launch” button, before you click on it, check that you are using correct version, for me I have to change it.
  • Now it is fine and I click on it to launch Unreal Engine 5 editor. It takes time to start it, but if you launch it for the first time – it will take a lot of time, sometimes 20 minutes. Be ready for it.
  • As you can see, it should be opened by default “Recent projects”. I have one, because I created it before. You should not have it now, you will se it after we create one.
  • Click on “Games” icon, for start to create a new project.
  • Now you see what should be modified my you:
    • Choose “First person”
    • Instead of “Blueprint” click on “C++”
    • Target platform “Desktop”
    • “Started content” – uncheck, in different way it will create a lot of garbage.
    • (Optional) “Project location” – if you don’t want to locate it by default.
  • And click create button.
  • Creating project takes time. No worries.
  • Looks beautiful, right? 🙂 Lets click run button and play a little bit.
  • It works, amazing! To stop just push :Esc: button on keyboard and let’s move further.

If you still have questions, I’m waiting you in our Discord


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